Qualia 3 Multi Agent

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In the unknown expanse of the deep sea, survival of the fittest is taken to a whole new level. The weak always perish and only the strong survive. To withstand the harshness of the depths, many creatures must evolve into exotic and dangerous beings.

In Qualia 3, you play as one such creature, a "Multi Agent", who is comprised of three different creature parts. To become stronger, you will need to gain access to more powerful creature parts. But the only way to do this is to kill other creatures, collect their energy, and obtain trophies. If you succeed at this, you will gain dominion over the deep sea, becoming its apex predator! But if you fail, you will become just another part of the food chain.

Set out to control the depths, or die trying!


26 Unique Body Parts: Collect energy balls from fallen sea creatures to obtain a variety of creature parts. Discover the right combination that best suits your play style!

8 Action-Packed Stages: Test your Multi Agent against the predators of the deep in 8 stages, each more challenging than the last. Conquer a powerful boss at the end of each level!

Meaningful Trophies: Each trophy offers a substantial reward in the form of energy, which is used to purchase creature parts.

Become the most fearsome Multi Agent System in the ocean!

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This game depicts the brutal survival race of the various lifeforms who hide in the ocean depths. We chose to depict "Multi Agent Systems", lifeforms who are actually an aggregation of smaller creatures acting together as one.

Each enemy consists of a pinkish core, which controls all the individuals of the system and manipulates their actions. The greenish body parts help shield the core and other valuable parts from attack. They also work with hand parts to create flexible arms that can rip your own Multi Agent to shreds! Lastly, the yellowish canon parts will shoot various kind of projectiles based on their shape.

Take control of your own Multi Agent System as you attempt to dominate the depths!

Destroy enemies by harnessing the waves of mesh!

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To fight the enemies, you need to master the 3 attack types (absorptions, explosions, and wave generators) to create strong waves.

Absorption Bullets will suck waves towards your position. Stronger absorption bullets will damage the enemy on their own, without the need for followup explosions or waves.

Explosion Bullets will detonate after a short time, creating radiant waves that will damage nearby enemies.

Wave Generators will directly create or absorb waves depending the the generator used. These moves are useful for direct attacks.

Use energy to purchase new creature parts!

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Enemies become Energy Balls when destroyed. Absorbing those allows you to receive Energy, which can be exchanged for powerful creature parts in the shop. Energy can also be collected by obtaining Trophies.

Energy Balls will fuse together upon contact, becoming a stronger ball. Waiting for this fusion to occur allows you to grab bonus Energy when compared to grabbing the balls individually.

However, all Energy Balls will disappear once your creature is hit. You'll have to decide if it's worth the risk to wait for the balls to fuse!

Evolve your creature by upgrading its three parts!

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Heads and wings are usually for attack, and the body determines the movement speed and health gauge. There are parts that drop a series of small Explosive Bullets, as well as parts that drop only one big Absorb Bullet. Other parts will shoot waves forward, while others will shoot waves to the sides. Some body parts will use up energy gradually, and others will generate double energy from Energy Balls, making them useful in saving up Energy for parts.

Of course, the stronger a part is, the higher its cost to purchase. To get the best parts, never hesitate to spend large amounts of Energy!